Sunday, 29 June 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - All Things Allium

This week seems to be a beautiful but smelly one! Alliums include garlic, onions, chives and shallots which have some of the prettiest flowers and seed heads in the garden. This year Mum has a bumper crop of chives and they are flowering like billy-o :)
She had the ornamental alliums last year and this year only 2 have produced flowerheads but oh my gosh - what flowerheads they are - at least the size of a football (soccerball) if not bigger! I couldn't take a macro shot if I tried - they are that big!

And somewhere in my garden photo trips this year, I have also shot some self seeded garlic - at least I think they are - they smelt divine in the dappled shade after I'd brushed past them which is what made me notice them. I remember clearing some longer grass away to get the photo so I must have missed them on the first walk by. The ornamental allium is now hanging up to dry so I will shoot that later - I think it will make a wonderful abstract especially if I just focus on one seed pod.
The second photo in the previous post is also this allium - I managed to get the macro lens right in between the flower spikes and just focused on the ball at the centre - I like it :)


Claire said...

I love love these :)

My mum uses alliums in flower arranging and they look fantastic.

Aiyana said...

Lovely photos. I forget that some veggies and herbs can have beautiful flowers since I don't grow many. Thanks for reminding me how common plants are really beautiful.

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Sarah McBride said...

I love allium. they are beautiful. I love your pictures. really captures the beauty of those flowers

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