Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hello I'm Back!

elephants available on Zazzle

Well, hello! Rumours of my disappearance are totally unfounded, I just wandered off there for a while! I'm planning on writing here again but I definitely didn't realise I've been gone for 3 years! So what have I been doing? Not much photography or crafty stuff to be honest, I was introduced to World of Warcraft & every comment you've ever heard about how addictive it is, is true! I now have 6 level 85 characters, I've been blogging about gold-making in game & I made my first in-game million gold late last summer.

The community around WoW is a vibrant & interesting one, especially the gold making one. Any of my Etsy friends know how addictive active forums & blogs can be & World of Warcraft sucked me in the same way! If you happen to be a crafter/artist who also plays WoW & you'd like to make some gold, my gold blog is Auction House Addict so come say hello :) I usually play EU server but I recently restarted my US account & am starting totally fresh there - lots of material for my game blog too.

Recently however, I've started writing on Squidoo & I've also started updating my Zazzle shops more frequently. As Spring brightens, my thoughts are returning to my camera more frequently so I hope to have some new work to show you all as well.

In the meantime, I'm using some of my own images to illustrate my Squidoo pages - my very first page made it to Lens of The Day & it received a Purple Star award which is quite an achievement. Can you guess what it was about? Yup, photography of course! 10-ways-to-take-better-flower-photographs but I've got quite a few ideas for other photo related pages there, some of which will be using my own images but many will use some of the fantastic photo products I find on Zazzle.

As for Real Life, that sucks as usual. Still not working in the traditional sense but I am busy every day, all day, online & writing, researching, playing (aka research!), processing photographs for Zazzle products & submitting to my microstock portfolios too.

I hope I can get organised & re-connect with all my lovely old Etsy friends - stop by & say Hi if you've got a moment :)