Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Etsy Greetings - Featuring...



I'd forgotten the date that Ahna told me I would be featured. Turned out it was the 24th and today's the 26th so 2 posts in one day.

Now all I need is a sale or two and I'll feel a lot better about everything!

My very first Etsy Trade :)

I'm a bit late with this one as well - I did a trade with Sakura over at Etsy last week and she has been kind enough to blog my cards but I've only just got around to photographing these gorgeous earrings that I received. Not only does she make the most exquisite jewellery and ink drawings but she also does photography and has set up a second shop with her boyfriend called CeruleanTide. Pop over and have a look, I'm sure you'll find something you love. I know I did!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Midsummer's (well nearly) Resolution

I've been on Etsy now almost 3 months, started a blog in May and only posted a few bits. I've decided that's just not good enough so I'm making a Midsummer resolution to post at least once a week.

I heard a quote earlier today that goes something like "if You are bored, then YOU are boring!" and I thought, how can I possibly be bored when I have all my new Etsy friends to play with? So, I've kicked myself in the butt today and am full of determination to make this Etsy thing work for me. I'm confident that my photography is good and saleable, I just have to work out how to do the marketing side of things.

Just to mark Midsummer, here is a photo I took at our local Open Gardens for Charity event - I'm going to offer it as a print but also as a card.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

UK Etsy Secret Swap goodies

Well this post is a bit late but although I wrote it 2 weeks ago, somehow I managed to lose it! I'm just not getting the hang of Blogger as I'm much more familiar with Vox. I sent a handmade calender to Allthosethrees with 12 of my own photos from my travels over the last year or two. If the number of exclamation marks in her email was anything to go by, I think she liked it!
Then I received my own package......

I was so excited. Part of the info we had to send Askey was which seller we would most like to receive our swap from and what sort of things we liked. Well, I'd seen Domino's stuff and thought it was so different so I put her down as my fav and here was a parcel from her. I ripped it open so fast my pendant went flying but luckily I didn't break it!
A beautiful pinky/purple pendant and a pink keyring - just the colours I would have chosen for myself.
This swap has been pretty stressful, I have to say. I had no idea when I signed up how hard it would be to choose something to send to someone I barely knew. I originally was just going to send a print (or two or three) but I felt that was so little compared to the amount of work the other girls would have put in to physically make something. Once I hit on the idea of the calender, I felt much better about it and just chose a photo from 12 different countries, each one different - a beach scene, cityscape or landscape.
Having said it was stressful, I'm still going to jump in on the next one 'cos I like receiving surprises too :)