Monday, 28 May 2007

New! Flower Notecards

I've been haunting my Mum's garden to get these beautiful shots of some of her flowers and they looked so good I decided to make them into cards. I've just listed the first few on Etsy but I had such a choice of flowers to choose from, I'm definitely going to do more.

This pink one is now my avatar, I like it that much but the lilac primrose is stunning in a large format as well as on a card (even if I do say so myself!!). I may have to offer some of these as larger prints I think.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

The Postcard Game - all for a good cause

Just found a link to Jennifer's blog where she is organising a Postcard Game. Basically send her a postcard or two and she will allocate a number and post it on her blog so if you make your own postcards, it's a bit of extra marketing! She is going to donate $1 per postcard received to Ovarian Cancer Action - a UK charity trying to get the word out about ovarian cancer in the UK.

And if donating all that cash to the charity wasn't enough, she's also offering some wonderful jewellery as prizes.

Pop along and have a look at all the rules/details.

Update: the link for Ovarian Cancer Action is - Ovarian cancer is apparently called the silent killer in that it is hard to diagnose and may be mistaken for menopausal symptons. This website has some good info that all women should be as aware of as they are aware of breast cancer.
say PANTS to Ovanrian Cancer!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Etsy Addiction strikes again!

Why can't I just stay away for more than an hour at a time? This is not getting any work done or any cards made!!

Anyway, just a quickie post 'cos the other one is looking lonely! Here is one of the bits I've bought already. I fell in love with the whole series of ACEO's by Themerrymuse the first time I saw them but I resisted gamely for at least 2 whole weeks!The one I really, really wanted but hadn't worked out how to favourite it at the time I saw it, has been sold :-(

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Etsy Rules...

most of my life at the moment, it's that addictive. The girls on the UK Street Team in particular, have been so welcoming, the goodies to look at are endless and I have never come across a forum as active as Etsy's. So now here I am, starting my second blog!

In case you are wondering, my first blog is over at Vox but that's mainly my stock photography friends and stuff so I didn't want to bore them all with continual ravings about Etsy. I'm planning on putting my Fine Art photography stuff here and also showcasing some of the amazing talent I've found.

I haven't worked out the nitty gritty of Blogger yet so I'll keep this short whilst I get my head around prettyfying (is that even a word?) my blog, joining the Etsy UK blog ring and generally having a change around!