Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Etsy Addiction strikes again!

Why can't I just stay away for more than an hour at a time? This is not getting any work done or any cards made!!

Anyway, just a quickie post 'cos the other one is looking lonely! Here is one of the bits I've bought already. I fell in love with the whole series of ACEO's by Themerrymuse the first time I saw them but I resisted gamely for at least 2 whole weeks!The one I really, really wanted but hadn't worked out how to favourite it at the time I saw it, has been sold :-(

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Periwinkle Studio said...

Arty Allsorts,
I am glad that I am not alone with my etsy addiction. I, too, thought I could stay away but it seems to cry out to me. "come check and it will only be a minute..." yea right! I love etsy too! So many great people and so much to explore. Love it!
Just wanted to say hi! You are very talented!!!
I wasn't sure what a blog was until I read yours! Mine features my store. periwinklesuz.blogspot.com