Saturday, 21 June 2008

Experimenting with Abstracts

I've been having a play with some of my photos and also using my macro lens to achieve the same effects. I sometimes feel that everyone is photographing flowers in these days of good digital cameras at reasonable prices so perhaps I need to distinguish myself from the crowd a bit more.
Trouble is, I'm not art-trained - never done a course in anything artistic so I feel at a distinct disadvantage to those who have arts related degrees and seem to know what they're talking about! I look at a piece of art or a photograph - I either like it or not. I don't go looking for hidden meanings, alegorical references etc or need to understand what the artist was thinking about for me to like it! I guess art appreciation is a learned skill - but if it means I can appreciate a stack of bricks or half a preserved dog as Art, then maybe I'll just stick to what I like :-)
So one of the photos above is photoshopped, the other is straight from the camera (except crop and small levels adj, no blurring etc) - which one is which do you think?


Anonymous said...

I would say the 1st one is photoshop'ed? is that right?? great pics, by the way! what camera do you use? I'm on the market for a new camera and I looked thru your etsy shop and those pics are awesome!!

Arty Allsorts said...

Hi Lily - thanks for stopping by :) I use a Canon Eos 350D which I think is the Rebel XT in USA. There are also some piccies in my shop from my old Canon Powershot G3 - which I loved but outgrew rapidly!

I'm not going to tell just yet which is which - don't want to give the game away too early!

niftyknits said...

I have absolutely no idea!

even my own photos are a mystery to me, let alone someone else's.

ChichiBoulie said...

I'm voting for the 1st one being photoshopped. Both are lovely. Would make fabulous wedding stationery.

Sarah McBride said...

Those are really beautiful! I just love your flower photography.