Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Project 365 - Day 29 Outtakes

I took a walk lunchtime down to the seawall as the sun was shining so beautifully. I took almost 80 shots - obviously, not all good ones - I was using my zoom lens and I sometimes have trouble holding it steady enough and with a light breeze, it was giving me more trouble than usual. But I did get some really nice shots to choose from for my shot of the day on my other blog and these are the ones I decided to count as out-takes :)

I don't know what this fiery red plant is but it was lighting up the wasteground in bright autumnal patches.

This teasel was beautifully backlit against the strong sunlight - you can even see the little cobwebs in amongst the spikes.
I have some more to process so maybe I'll load them up tomorrow evening for you to see. Don't forget, I'm running a giveaway so have a look at the post below for details on how to enter - good luck :)


Sakura said...

That shot of the sky is stunning! I love looking at your photographs they are always so beautiful and interesting :D


Rosemary said...

great pictures

dj said...

Love the last one, such details!