Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Knickers Rule OK?

Friday nights the UK Etsy girls have a regular chat and so far, it's proving great for building my stash of great artwork. Now I've just got to get all these wonderful prints mounted and framed! Last Friday I managed to flog a pair of shoes I bought in lust but never wore. The wonderfully talented Bunny is going to work her magic on them and turn them into a really really kick ass pair of shoes. Have a look at her shop on Etsy to see what she does to them!

Not only does she customise shoes but she's also a really talented artist so when I had my pick of prints I chose her lovely Knickerville print. It was her entry to the UK Street Team Red Nose day challenge.
This morning the postie arrived with a decorated envelope so I sorta guessed who it was from :) but when I opened it, a mini stack of goodies fell out. Darling Bunny had added a couple of extra bits for me, including 'But I thought I was the prettiest...' a gorgeous print which I very nearly chose instead of Knickerville

So go have a look - you might find those shoes you've been looking for!

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Kezzaroo said...

Awesome! those seriously were some sexy shoes as much as i love bunnys work i might have had to put those in a case i loved them loads.. hey wait what size are they!! LOL are they my size hahaha not that id ever be able to walk in them so used to wearing sneakers :D great blog/pimp/and goodies!! :D