Friday, 6 July 2007

Another Great Trade!

Well, it's been quiet here but I did manage to pull off another trade this week! The UK Etsy girls chat on a Friday night and someone mentioned a trade. I was just about to type 'Me too!' when Alicub said that she was up for a trade. Well, I nearly did a dance on the spot - I've been eyeing up her Geisha print ever since she listed it on Etsy, so I jumped in and just asked! :) And she said Yes!

So, to give her a greater choice than is currently in my shop, I sent her a link to a little slideshow I've built and she chose this one which is the only tulip like this in my garden. It was obviously an odd bulb in the box!

1 comment:

AliCub said...

It was a pleasure trading with you Arty :D Your print is stunning, I love it.