Friday, 3 August 2007

Oooh er - There's a man in the house!

We have a new UK member who's rather put the cat amongst us pigeons! Not only is he a male (obviously) but he's into photography (so I like him) and what I call weird music (although Kezz likes the same stuff too). It's a bit hard to keep up with some of the unusual names he talks about but then I'm feeling pretty old and frumpy these days anyway so I just put it down to youthfulness and say 'yes, dear' ! So I thought I'd welcome him to Etsy with a little shoutout on my blog - 'helllooooo Coldcell'

Here's one of his lovely scenic images - wouldn't you just love to be in this beautiful shady riverside place on a warm day, with the insects a-buzzin and the fish lazily popping the water surface?


ColdCell said...


ColdCell said...

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